In February 2011, Thomas Road Baptist Church launched Red Tie Music, named to honor the beloved Church and University founder, Dr. Jerry Falwell, Sr., who always wore a red tie. During the following years, Red Tie Music built a customer network of churches, small and large, and music lovers who sought out the company’s worship resources.

Meanwhile, Liberty University School of Music started the Department of Commercial Music, providing an opportunity for students to create, produce, and market music of all genres. With this exciting new initiative came the need for a practical, in-house application of principles learned in the classroom.

Liberty University purchased Red Tie Music from Thomas Road in February, 2016, while the details of a world-class studio were being finalized. The original vision for Red Tie Music was expanded to offer greater opportunities for writers, producers, and engineers associated with the University.

To reflect this expansion, the company name was changed to Liberty Music Group in October, 2017 with the purpose of developing numerous music labels to reach diverse musical tastes and needs. We remain committed to our original mission: to provide excellent and Biblically sound worship resources to the Body of Christ.