Recording Spaces

Mathena Studios is equipped with high-quality industry standard resources, all housed in a world-class facility. See the full equipment listing and Recording spaces specifics below.

Control Room

Recording Space # 1

Percussion/ Guitars

Recording Space #2

Piano/ Organ/ Keyboards

Full Equipment Listing

SSL Duality Delta 48

Avid Pro Tools HDX2 (128x128 I/O, 512 voices)

MAC Pro - 64GB RAM

Audio Interfaces
Avid MTRX - 4
DAD AX32 - 1

Other Software
Antares AutoTune
East West Cloud
Eventide Anthology X
Fab Filter bundle
Izotope Post Production Suite 2
Izotope Nectar 2
Lexicon PCM Reverb bundle
mcDSP Everything Pack
Melodyne Studio 4
Native Instruments Komplete 11 Ultimate
Serrato Pitch N’ Time 3
Slate Digital VTM/VBC/VCC
SofTube Bundle
SofTube Abbey Road Brilliance
Sonnox Broadcast
Sonnox Restoration
Sound Toys bundle
Spectrasonics Stylus RMX
Steinberg WaveLab 9
Synchro Arts Revoice Pro
Synthology Ivory II
Toontrack Superior Drummer
Universal Audio Digital plugin collection
Waves Mercury
Waves SSL
Waves NX

ATC 0.1/15SL (stereo sub)
Focal SM9 (LCR)
Focal Trio6 (surround)Pro Ac Studio 100
Meyer Amie
Auratone Super Sound Cube
Grado GS1000e


Digital Clocking
Antelope 10MX
Antelope OCXHD

Aviom A360 - 16
Redco Little Red Cue Box - 12
Beyer DT-770 Pro 80 OHM - 2
Beyer DT-102 (single-sided) - 12
Audio Technica ATH-M50x - 16
Tascam THMX2 - 12
Tascam MH-8
Decade MS-100 Part 15 FM Transmitter
Sony Walkman Analog FM Radios - 10

ADK/3 Zigma CLOL67fx - 6
ADK/3 Zigma CLOL251fx - 4
AEA R88 (stereo)
AKG D112 mkII
Audio Technica ATM450 - 2
CAD M179 - 4
Cascade FatHead II Active/Passive
Coles 4038 - 2
DPA 4041-SP - 3
DPA 4006A - 3
DPA 4011C - 2
DPA 4099 - 4
DPA d:facto II
Geffell UMT70S FET - 2
Geffell M300 - 2
Josephson e22s - 4
Josephson C617 SET
Mic Shop MS47 mkII
Miktek C7e - 3
Miktek CV4 - 2
Myrinx (Brauner) VM1
Neumann U87ai
Neumann U47 fet
Royer R122 mkII - 2
Sanken CO-100K - 2
Schoeps CMC6/MK4 - 2
Schoeps CMC6/MK2S - 2
sE Electronics Gemini II
Sennheiser MD421 - 6
Sennheiser MD441 - 2
Shure SM57 - 10
Shure SM7
Telefunken ELAM 251 Diamond
Telefunken CK13 (in 2nd head basket for 251)
Telefunken M82
Yamaha NS10 woofer

Direct Boxes and Misc
Jensen Iso-Max MI-XX microphone isolator
Jensen Iso-Max PB2XX universal isolator
Jensen Iso-Max Concert 1 Direct Box
Jensen Iso-Max Concert 2 Direct Box
Kahn Audio VTD1
Radial Duplex
Radial JDI Stereo
Radial JDI - 2
Radial J48 - 2
Radial BT-Pro
Radial JDX
Radial DAN-TX
Radial DAN-RX
Radial Tonebone VT - 2
Radial Gold Digger
Radial Cherry Picker
Radial XAmp
Radial Catapult RX-4
Radial Catapult TX-4
Radial Phazer
Radial SGI
Rupert Neve Designs RNDI - 2
Rupert Neve Designs Portico 5017
Teegarden Audio FatBoy Nickel Tube DI

Media Player/Recorder
Denon DN-501C CD/USB media player
Tascam DA-3000 PCM/DSD master recorder

Outboard preamps
Avid/DAD MTRX preamps - 48 (144 including remote interfaces)
Classic API V78 - 2
Gordon Audio Model 5 - 2
Lachapell 992eg
Rupert Neve Designs 5052 Shelford - 8
Rupert Neve Designs Portico 5017
Undertone Audio MPEQ-1 - 2

Outboard EQ
API 550b - 2
Avedis e27 - 2
Bettermaker 232p mkII
Chandler Curve Bender
Classic API LC53A - 2
GML 8200
Kush Audio Clariphonic
Rupert Neve Designs 5052 Shelford - 8
Undertone Audio MPEQ-1 - 2

Outboard Dynamics
Chandler Zener Limiter
Emperical Labs EL8X - 2
Neve 33609
Retro Instruments 176
Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor
SPL TD4 Transient Designer
Summit Audio TLA-100
Tube Tech CL1-B
Universal Audio 1176LN

Outboard Effects
Bricasti M7 - 2

Focusrite AM2
Optocore DD4MR-FX
Pro Audio LA SUM cable
RTS KP-32 Intercom

Mic stands and mounts
A collection of quality stands, mounts, stereo bars, and Decca tree to include:
Enhanced Audio
Latch Lake
Triad Orbit

A collection of quality cable to include:
Gotham Audio

Ampeg PF-50T Portaflex - 50W All-tube Bass Head
Ampeg PF-112HLF Portaflex Bass Cabinet - 200W 1x12" Bass Cabinet with Horn
Fender Bassman combo amp
Kemper Guitar Amp Profiler w/ pedal board and Michael Britt Profiles
Matchless Clubman amp
Tyler Amp Works JT14
Tyler Amp Works JT46
Tyler Amp Works 10/12 cabinet
Vox AC30C2 combo amp

Sakae Rhythm Celestial Drum Kit
Carviotto Maple Snare
Ludwig Black Beauty snare
Noble and Cooly 13x7 SS Birch snare
Pearl Sensatone Premium Beaded Brass Patina snare
Sakae Trilogy snare
Pastie Dark Energy cymbal collection

Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12
Hammond B3 organ (1973) w/ leslie
Moog Sub37
Nord Stage 2 EX 88
Yamaha C7 piano

Guitar Pedals & Tuners
Boss 7 band graphic eq
Boss DS-1 Distortion
Creation Audio Clean Boost MK 4.23
Dunlop Volume X
Dunlop Pork Loin Overdrive
Electroharmonix POG2
Electroharmonix Big Muff Pi Fuzz
Fulltone OCD
JHS Morning Glory V4
Line6 M5

Strymon Timeline
Strymon Flint
Srymon Blue Sky
TC Electronic BonaFide Buffer
VooDoo Lab Microvibe
VooDoo Labs Pedal Power 2 Plus
Wampler Ego Compressor
Wampler Plexi Drive Deluxe
Wampler Hotwired v2
Xotic SP Compressor
Xotic RC Booster

TC Electronics Poly Tune 2
Boss TU-3S Chromatic Tuner
Peterson SP-1 tuner